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I haven't bleen blogging for a while because I've spent ages lately researching breeds of dogs. However, I'm pleased to say I'm not glued to the internet any more, because I've now got a dog!!! His name's Buster and his a 2yr old chocolate lab. He's huge, he weighs 48.5kilos, thats almost one of my friends, Sally! But, he is gorgeous. The boys love him too, although they are not keen on taking him on his long walks in minus weather! We've had him two days which means two lots of screaming filled afternoons when my children pittifully whine about their cold hands all the way home. It's not just my blogging that's suffered this last week or so, my washing pile is so high now that it's actually spilling over into my bathroom from behind it's hiding curtain. David, the other night was going to the pub and I had to pull out a jumper for him to wear from the washing pile because he hadn't got any clean, it's awful I know. So today that's what I've been doing this morning, catching up on all the housework I've neglected for more than a week, joy! Oh well, back off to tackle upstairs! I'll update soon x


All this blogging over the last couple of days has made me realise, (rather reluctantly) that perhaps I should be practising what I'm preaching! So, yesterday I woke up and felt the urge to get myself out of bed, get dressed for what is probably the first time in the last week before lunchtime, put on some upbeat tunes and give my house a good going over. I was doing great to begin with, I had got a load of washing in the machine; the last load down off the hanging thing that David built above the fire for me; I unpacked the dishwasher, cleaned the whole of the kitchen, even pulling things from their places to clean behind and under them; I'd put a nice sausage casserole in the slow cooker for tea; tidied all the odds and sods I'd somehow accumulated on the filing cabinet and was feeling very pleased with myself when David came home midday to work in his shed and immediately started on about how he hated sausage casserole and could I do this for him; had I done that and why not when I told him I hadn't. He even had the nerve to put the washing up bowel on the window sill which I'd just wiped clean (one of my pet hates) leaving a water ring. Well, that was it! So disheartened that in two minutes he'd managed to completely undermine my sense of achievement for a mornings work, I threw in the towel and spent the rest of the afternoon sulking! That is, until one of David's customers turned up for a coffee and in my efforts to be a good hostess, I put my irritations to one side and subsequently forgot all about them. Men, grr!

This morning, I took William to his preschool and utilised the time by food shopping with my youngest, Jac. Now, anybody who knows me will know I have a slight weakness for a doughnut, in fact anything sweet. And even if you don't know me, it would be a fair assumption to make judging by the size of me. So, in our household, shopping day is nicknamed 'doughnut day'. Also, just to add to your level of awareness of the frustration I'm feeling, this morning I put on a brand new pair of very nice jeans that I bought off eBay a little while ago. So you can imagine my horror when sitting at my computer, surfing various sites and eating a very yummy custard cream doughnut, I looked down to realise I'd dripped great dollops of cream all over my crotch! Needless to say, not a great look!

Well, I'm off to re clean and tidy my kitchen now and then go tackle the toy shed before moving on to upstairs....joy!

I've put this page up so I can basically just rant about how badly I still struggle with being perfect!
Okay, so my day to day,
Well, last night my poor little man, Will was poorly. It meant that I had to go up to him and change his sheats because bless him, he'd been sick. (This meant i missed the first 20minutes of One Born Every Minute by the way...gutted!). Ofcourse, it also meant Jac, my youngest woke up too so they've both been overtired and therefore just joyous today! My attempts at getting Will outside in the fresh air today ended up in a very cold and grumpy child throwing a temper tantrum for quite some time!
My house does actually look like a bombzone today, mainly because I've been trying to console inconsolable children but also due to the fact that I've not actually got any cleaning products in at the moment. See, where I live is up on the side of a mountain. They don't really think to grit here and when the roads are bad but still passable everywhere else, they're not here. For most of December we were snowed in and then when the roads got better, we all got sick!! Needless to say, not much shopping got done in December and then this last week the roads have kept me at home again.
I do have a dishwasher which is grand but for the childrens beakers etc which need to be washed by hand, there's no washing up liquid...grand! So right now there's a stack of washing up still waiting to be done and being as we've just finished eating tea, I'm sitting here looking at the piles of egg noodles and mushed oranges on the floor where Jac's thrown them all (in fits of laughter) on the floor. Ofcourse, a perfect housewife would have already cleared it all up by now, but, like I said, I'm not perfect! Hense, I'm procrastinating by sitting at my computer blogging!
The day hasn't been a complete disaster though. I've finally got Jac taking 6 - 8 steps all by himself which he and I are very proud of him for and I got to spend a good hour or two on the sofa with my boys watching madagascar this afternoon, enjoying lovely cuddles.
Can't be all that bad!

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