Monday, 10 January 2011


At 19 I found out I was pregnant with my first child. He wasn’t planned but as soon as I’d taken the news on board I decided he was for keeps and me and my partner set up home and awaited his arrival. I had a huge responsibility to wake up to. It was hard being thrown right into being a full time homemaker and mother and it’s fair to say it didn’t come completely easy to me. I got postnatal depression after the birth and struggled to come to terms with the new person I was at such a young age. However, after getting help to deal with the postnatal depression I found my relationship grew in strength and so did my motherhood and attitude towards my role as a homemaker. I've since had another child meaning I have two small boys running about the place, my eldest is 3 now and my youngest is 16months. I still struggle to keep up with daily chores and sometimes I find I'm still a little overwhelmed with the trials of motherhood, but, I think for the most part I've got it down! My family and friends always say to me I seem like a natural and that whenever they come to my house its always neat, calm, and I've always got a freshly baked cake on the table. Therefore they assume I'm a natural domestic goddess....I on the other hand, know I'm not! I've just learnt to cheat! The reason that the house is always like that when they come is because I know they're coming and I prepare the house accordingly! So that's what this blog is all to help you seem like the cool calm and collected goddess whilst still finding time to relax and frankly, just enjoy your time at home and with your children without having to worry about achieving those impossible standards that if you try too hard to strive for and fail will ultimately make you feel like just that, a failure! It's ok not to be perfect, not to be a domestic goddess, so long as you're happy and if you want people to think you are one, the answers simple...CHEAT!!!

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