Saturday, 15 January 2011

“Do you like my flower beds? They’re over there, behind the weeds!”

If like me, you struggle keeping anything alive that doesn't move then may I suggest you stay away from gardening! An unkempt garden does nothing but say to visitors that you're not really a domestic goddess. This year I spent ages weeding, cultivating and planting flower beds, flower pots, hanging baskets and a significantly sized vegetable patch. However, once I'd satisfied my need to get my hands dirty, it wasn't long before I lost all interest in my garden and before I knew it, my veg patch was overgrown with weeds. In my absence my partner ploughed through my not yet established flower beds with the lawn mower! The clematises I'd so enthusiastically bought to climb my house stopped getting trained and therefore became no more! Even my hanging baskets, one filled with strawberry plants failed to get my attention and all the strawberries I'd grown unfortunately never made it to the table!

I've therefore decided that this year I'll strip it all back to lawn and be done with it. Yes, it won't be the prettiest garden in the world and I won't be winning any awards for the most beautifully kept cottage garden (which I was definitely working for when I first started!) but at least I won't have an overgrown, rotting, mushy mess of a garden to just stare at all day. A neatly kept lawn says a lot more positive things about you to any visitor than weed invaded flower beds ever will. This extends to inside the house too, if you're not green fingered, don't buy house plants. You may think that you can't really go too wrong with plants in pots but actually, if you fail to keep them watered, even missing just one or two days, it can be very hard to save that plant from looking very sorry for itself indeed. Don't do it, just go fake! And if you don't like fake flowers (I'm not particularly keen on most to be honest) but you still want the atmosphere of a green, flowery home, put pictures of flowers up or use flowery print fabrics about the place.

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