Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Baby wipes…not just for a baby’s bum!!

They should definitely give whoever invented baby wipes an award. And if they already did, they should give them another one, there's no accolade high enough for that level of genius! Not only does it clean your child's bottom after one of the most unattractive bodily functions ever, but it also acts as a makeup remover, sticky finger cleanser, high chair wiper and now I've even discovered more beauty in its abilities!

Have you ever spent ages trying to get those stubborn stains off you skirting boards or door frames where someone's come in and put their filthy fingerprints all over them? (I do realise that sounds like the opening line to a commercial by the way!) Well, I have and I've got to say I first used a baby wipe on my door frame cause my child had sneezed all over it and I mopped it up with the nearest thing. Well, not only did it mop up all the sneeze spray but it also wiped clean all those built up smudges that I'd been putting off tackling cause I hate spending hours going round my house with a dishcloth and cleaning spray! It wiped clean so easily that I tried it on most of my household surfaces and to be honest with you, there's not many things that a baby wipe won't clean!

There's more to this than just how easily it wipes the dirt away. I mean, think about it, how many packets of baby wipes do you have dotted about your home? If you have children, probably too many to count. If you don't have any, probably none but seriously, go invest in some! There always somewhere close in hand, perfect for when you're doing a quick tidy and you notice a smudge on your gloss work that you want to get rid of before you get distracted by another job. Or you're sitting watching tele and you realise that the mole on Brad Pitt's face that you were sure you'd never noticed before is actually a mystery mark on the screen! God forbid your enjoyment of Brads oh so heartbreakingly gorgeous face is compromised! You'll definitely want to wipe it off fast… and oh look, there's a pack of baby wipes sitting on top of the TV table, perfect!! And, if you've read lots of articles about the pitfalls of using lots of chemicals to clean your home, well, if it's good enough for my baby's bum….that's good enough for me!

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